2022… We just keep getting better 

2022… We just keep getting better 

Better Products, Staffing Organisation, Staff Members….

This is the year The Added Extra makes big strides forward. We have to put the ordeal of Covid-19 behind us. It was a weird time of the company being paused and expanding in areas we would never have thought of. The main trend for us though is that we have grown and expanding at the same time.

This brings many challenges and staff in the right places was certainly one of those issues. I have discussed in a previous post the changes at the top in management and all is working very well. When all is running well, the machine gets faster and we produce more work. For the first time I am ready for this. We have great Managers who are raring to get busier and have more staff!

While this has been going on I didn’t want to sit with the same old products as previous years. I certainly looked at the older products with the rest of The Added Extra team and discussed ways in which to improve each of them. This has been implemented and I hope as the customer you see these subtle but important changes as the year goes on. We certainly want to encourage the add-on sales if only to make the experience of our wedding couple the best it can be.

New ranges have been introduced like the Rustic Range which includes new LED Letters of the entire alphabet, a sweet cart, a Post Box, a donut and Prosecco wall. On top of this we have introduced enhancements to current phrases used, so for example rather than a customer having their age of just “30” they can now have “30th”. I finally got round to making the ! sign and added another 10-15 white LED letters so we can spell even more surnames in one day. Certain items have been updated and Jason and Keith have worked hard in maintaining all we have and rewiring everything we do.

The Selfie Mirrors have also undergone some refreshments too, with updated software, new trained staff, new props, fresh guide ropes & poles and with the addition of new carpets.

So if all this isn’t enough we have more exciting products, an update of branding, a new van, a new look website all coming very soon!

Everyone in The Added Extra loves what they do. All are very passionate and I guess the way I show my passion is launching new products and developing the ideas the staff have. I just honestly hope you love seeing the new products and witnessing what we have evolved into bigger and even better than they were before.

So let’s get on with 2022, we have spent the first few months organising and working behind the scenes, getting over the hangover of Covid-19 restrictions and now its a busy wedding period ahead, and we can’t wait to meet all our lovely couples.