A Day At The Plough Inn Of Eaton

Customers always want to understand our timings and how the items they hire are delivered and set up. When delivering to The Plough Inn we have to be very organised. It really helps that we are based in Congleton and are just over a mile away from the wedding venue. We love this venue and it’s one of the reasons we have grown the way we have as a business. Our relationship with The Plough Inn has been nearly 8 years and counting.

The Fairy Lights

In the morning we would set up the fairy lights which we wrap around the main 9 column beams that you see in the barn as you walk in.  The ceiling beams already feature fairy lights which are provided by the venue itself. The fairy lights are a warm white so they don’t take your eye away from this beautiful barn setting, but actually enhance it.

This would be set up in the morning before 8am most of the time and will remain there for the full day ensuring they feature in your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening party. 

The LED Light Up Love Letters

At the Plough Inn, space is always a challenge but four 4ft Letters is no problem at all. This could be the word LOVE, most traditionally, or initials, either with an ampersand, or a heart in its place in-between the letters. We offer our LED Letters in a white or rustic design. The White letters do work extremely well in the barn as they create a fantastic focal point and the contrast against the beams works extremely well.

Most couples love to use the LED Letters all day, so we place the letters at the bottom of the barn where the registrar sits so you have them in their ceremony pictures, and assist in the decoration of the room, as at this point, all the tables are still covered.

Once the ceremony has taken place, the guests are ushered away from the barn as they turn it around from the ceremony set up to the wedding breakfast set up. At this point we move the letters to in front of the picture under the Mezzanine area so they can be appreciated all through the day, and then utilised to highlight the dance floor area in the evening party.

The letters are free standing at 4 ft high and 2.5 ft wide. They are in an impressive bold font and the bulbs are LED so they don’t get too hot. The staff at the Plough Inn are fantastic and monitor the LED letters throughout your wedding day and are even happy to move them if needs be.

The LED White Curtain

We offer these in two sets of 2. The curtains are a satin silk inlayed with drop down fairy lights in a warm white glow to match the fairy lights on the beams.

Set number one would cover the bottom of the barn where the chequered curtains are. They are raised to around 9 foot to completely cover the curtains, the barn door and most importantly the fire exit sign which is bright green. You don’t really want this sign on all your wedding photos!

The White LED drop curtain gives the barn a wedding vibe without taking away the essence of why you chose the venue. It also creates a beautiful backdrop for your photographer when taking your ceremony pictures. This curtain would be set up in the morning at around 8am or earlier.

Set number two are very much needed, in that they create a back wall after the last row of seating to cover the tables that will be dragged out as soon as the ceremony ends.

Covering from floor to ceiling means it’s done in an elegant way providing subtle lighting, and guests don’t even think what maybe behind the curtains as people accept what they see. When guests come back in for the wedding breakfast they appreciate how much bigger the room has become and this helps contribute to the magic of the day.

One curtain is removed by a member of our staff who will be there as your ceremony ends and the other one is pushed back against the wall covering the picture under the mezzanine area. The LED letters would sit in front of this if you were hiring those. The curtain remains here for the evening party too and helps create the party vibe as night time draws in.

These curtains would be delivered at 8am as well and the tables would be decorated behind by your venue dresser. 


We love uplighters as it creates a mood and adds so much atmosphere to a room. The colours can be changed to match your theme colour. The uplighting colour can also be changed throughout the day too. So many of our couples have white lighting for the ceremony, and then go for a differing colour in the wedding breakfast and for the evening party.

We use 8 uplighters at the Plough Inn, as conveniently, there are 8 beams, almost as though they were made for them! The light shoots from the floor, up the wooden beams to the ceilings. I can’t express how uplighting transforms a room enough.

Selfie Mirror

We love a Selfie Mirror at the Plough. It goes upstairs on the mezzanine and creates a real party vibe up there. It gives your guests an excuse to be silly, encouraging all age groups. In this, memories are captured for not only you as a couple, but for your guests as well. I mean how often does a mother get a picture with their son, or a grandparent plays an air guitar while wrestling a monkey. 

The Selfie Mirror is manned by one of our staff members encouraging your guests and guiding them. We offer unlimited prints, so everyone in the photo receives a copy, and you as the couple, receive a USB of all the photos taken on the night. You can opt to have a guestbook too, where guests are encouraged to write a message next to their photo that has been stuck in the personalised album.

The selfie mirror is taken upstairs in the morning as health and safety prevents us from doing it while guests are in the room. No guest go upstairs through the course of the day, so it doesn’t really matter.

White LED Dance Floor

The dance floor is a hugely important part of any party, let alone a wedding party. People of all ages love to dance so giving them a square lit up in our LED twinkling lights makes sense. Because of the beams, the floor is a bespoke size only used at the Plough Inn, but looks fantastic as its made to measure. It sits perfectly under the mezzanine area, producing the perfect vibe for partying. 

We can set it up with underlay in 20 minutes, so set up is done as your guests move out of the wedding breakfast and wait for the room to be turned around again for the evening party. This happens at the same time as your DJ would be setting up their items and the Plough Inn staff will be rearranging the tables whilst clearing plates.

Our dance floors feature LED twinkling lights set in a white acrylic. Our dance floors are cleaned after every wedding and event, so it will be nice and shiny for your wedding guests.

Backdrop Including Neon Signs and Balloons

Backdrops are becoming increasingly popular and we offer a range of neons and backdrop suggestions. This is not for everyone, as it’s a lot more of a statement and does take the attention of your guests. It’s whether you want this or not. It certainly works and they are often utilised in the ceremony area, and then sits behind the head table, behind the Bride and Groom.

As a general rule a backdrop is purely used for a photo opportunity and is good for the guests when using their social media. A backdrop is usually 6-7foot high. They often feature flowers or balloons, though balloons do take up more space and in this venue we say if you have over 70 wedding guests, it will most likely just get in the way.

Backdrops are then moved more centrally in the room for the evening party, normally in front of one of the windows.

Welcome Signs and Easels

We do offer clear acrylic welcome signs, or some couples use them as table planners too. We paint the acrylic in the colour in a rough sweeping fashion to match the colours of your wedding, and then use our vinyl cutter to print the information you wish to display.

The Acrylic sign can be round, square or rectangle. It sit on one of our easels with the option of a balloon display to compliment it. The set up is done in the morning and can be used to sit in the bar area or on a good day it is placed outside the entrance for all your guests to see.

Garden Games

Just as I think I finish, I think of another one of our items that we hire to our customers at the Plough Inn. Garden games do work extremely well, as there is that patch of garden in the back. It helps entertain your guests and is even better on a sunny day (which sadly we can’t promise). We have a big range of games so I suggest picking 5, as anything more is overcrowding the area.

It helps contain the children in one place and keeps them off the car park. It also allows the different age groups to mingle.

So there you have it!

When it comes to collections, all is collected after your guests have gone and the DJ has stopped the music. At the Plough Inn, this is as midnight due to the surrounding neighbours mainly. All of our prices include the delivery, set up and collections.

If you want to look at any of our items or require demonstrations, then please come to our showroom to have a look and speak to our staff.