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We do Arcade Machines now!

Weddings especially keep evolving and takes us as wedding suppliers to all sorts of places that we never thought we’d be. I never thought we would be stood in an arcade wholesalers 6 years on from wedding decorations and 4 foot LED love letters. However here we are and actually I think it’s a great addition to any event but weddings especially.

So why is an Arcade Machine a great addition to my wedding?

We all know there is lulls in a wedding day. A lot of the entertainment booked is to keep the wedding guests entertained. This starts with actually feeding the guests in the first place, and offering something like garden games or live music after the wedding breakfast and then it only gets more as the day goes on. However I think an arcade machine works for a wedding in 2 main parts. The first one being the bit while waiting to go into the evening party and the second one is during the evening party.

Before the evening party

Guests are often full of food and standing about in the meeting area of most venues while waiting for the room turnaround from the wedding breakfast to the wedding party in the evening. Even from our side, in a lot of cases we have to bring in the LED letters, the dance floor and possibly even the Photo Booth or selfie mirror. I was going to say Sweet Cart but I actually think that works best in the meeting area. So taking all this in to account your guests are left to their own devices for over an hour. It’s a great time to chat and have a drink but entertainment of some kind is always welcome. Live music can be expensive so we thought the arcade machine will provide a source of light hearted fun.

The arcade machine has over 5000 games which naturally you’d never get through but it provides great nostalgia with older games for the older generations and they are easy to play for the younger kids. We also supply a good mix of Nintendo and Sega games which also provides the nostalgia.

During the evening party

Why should the fun stop after an hour or so. As guests get more drunk, they get more confident. Guests will want to have a turn on the machine and kit keeps the kids entertained. It also relieves some of the competitive edges of the stags.

We have found that the arcade machine works really well as a side kick to the selfie mirror as well. Kids were hogging the mirrors at the early part of the evening but the arcade machine prevents this and the adult guests get to have more photos. It’s the perfect solution for us as a wedding supplier and you as the host.

The Arcade Machine

The Arcade Machine is an absolutely fantastic multi-game arcade machine that will fit comfortably into most wedding venues. The machine plays 5914 of the very best games from arcade history, including Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Galaxian and many more classics. The machine is in a veneered black wood finish. The machine’s under-lighting can also be set to any colour you choose with the included remote control. 

Key features

  • High-quality arcade machine
  • Over 5000 classic arcade games all in one
  • Beautiful 26″ HD display that can be tilted
  • Brand new machine made by the best in the industry
  • Remote Controlled LED Under-Lighting
  • Easy to use – just plug and play away
  • Great gaming menu to select games
  • Arcade buttons and joysticks for 2-player action
  • Beautiful High Definition 26″ Screen – An enormous, 26-inch High Definition monitor displays all your games with stunning crisp quality.
  • Tilting Screen – Play with the top flat, or lift the screen up with the fitted gas struts for an alternative viewing angle.
  • Remote Controlled LED Under lighting – Take control of the system’s LED under lighting with the included remote control, allowing you to change it to any colour you wish.
  • Competition Grade Components – we use top specification competition joysticks, which have fantastic build quality and precision response. The fire buttons are all genuine arcade grade pieces, designed to last for years even when used by the most competitive of players.
  • Pre-Loaded Games – Over 5000 classic arcade and console games.
  • Game Save – built-in save and load feature to save your progress and high scores (not available on some games)
  • Games List Search – Our arcade machine has an easy to use search functionality that makes finding any game on the system a breeze, allowing you to find a game and get playing in seconds.

So… what next?

Let’s see how this first arcade machine goes but I’m sure it will be the first of a few. When we started offering selfie mirrors, I never thought for a moment we would end up with 5! It’s just another part of our journey here at The Added Extra.