Has your wedding had to be cancelled? Postponed?

I for one never thought the next blog I wrote would be about rescheduling weddings due to a pandemic, and if I’m honest I’ve been planning this for weeks but could never find the right words!!

So here goes….

Most couples plan their wedding day for months, even years in advance, most girls and me included have had ideas in their heads since childhood.

After careful consideration you’ve secured your venue, photographer and other details and booked ourselves for the added extras such as LED light up letters, a sweet cart and selfie mirror when along comes this virus and everything changes!

My initial reaction was shock and I questioned why us?! (In fact a few choice ‘bleep’ words were uttered) but then I took a step back and thought the most important thing is for everyone to remain safe and for our key workers to be protected. Therefore there was no two ways about it I had to begin the unenviable task of rescheduling every event we had booked. Upto now since it happened we have already moved nearly 100! I’ve no idea how many more it will be by the end of this.

Our year, pre virus, was panning out to be an extremely successful one, with lots of definite bookings in the diary, but consequently this meant lots of bookings that we needed to find a new date for.

Which is exactly what we have managed to do, there were a few sleepless nights in the process. With questions going around my head. Such as

“Did they want Rustic LOVE or Floral?”

“Can I persuade Paul to make another 4ft LED Letter L in time?” We already have over 150 letters but still they were being double, even triple booked.

“Wonder if they would accept MR &MRS because LOVE is already booked?””

The list goes on and on…I’m pleased to say that each and every booking has been rescheduled, we did need to call in a few favours but things worked out in the end. Every booking was considered special and every couple was treated the same. We made sure that we did our bit to give every couple the day they imagined.We made sure that any deposits paid were transferred with the booking and no additional charges were applied as the last thing couples needed at this time was to have to find extra money.

In conclusion it’s been a strange time and one that has affected us both emotionally and financially, but we’re staying safe, remaining positive and looking forward to all these amazing weddings that we get to be part of, because after all, that’s what we’re all about.

Much love to all the couples who have booked with us and we’ll see you on the other side. In many ways guests will be so ready to celebrate it will be your special days that will benefit from this