Busy November …Christmas?

The Added Extra

As Christmas is fast approaching, I ask is it too early to start playing Mariah Carey haha

I’m sorting through the final bookings in 2018 as 2019 will be here in no time!

This week we are very excited as we are at the Plough Inn at Eaton as seems the norm lately, showing off our rustic cart. This is a new idea to The Added Extra and this will be its First outing. We thought some time ago that it makes sense to paint one of our carts in the rustic wood colour, so it was easier to theme. At least in the venue it fits in perfectly as it would in any barn or venue with wooden beams. We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful wedding venues in the Cheshire area that are like this, so I feel it’s great that we offer such an amazing choice of products to fit in with this rustic style.

One of these products is our real metal rustic Mr and Mrs letters that stand at over a metre each and with the use of the apple crates create a fabulous display ideal for pictures to remember that special day. These will also be at The Plough giving off that amazing glow. All this happens on the Thursday and we will then be back at The Plough on Friday with our rustic love letters and our selfie mirror. The Selfie Mirror will have its pride and place upstairs which we find works really well. The staff there are always very accommodating too.

Saturday we are over to Owens House Wedding Barn with our light up wooden letters “J & J” with the addition of the 4ft LED heart that will be used to greet guests as they enter the ceremony room. It will then be a rush to the Wirral to get to Sheldrakes Restaurant to drop off the number 30. This place offers great views of the boats in the port as your high on a balcony that overseas this. It looked a great size function room and again the staff were very welcoming.

The numbers are becoming more popular for us so it’s a good job we have plenty of sets, so nobody is left disappointed. As lovely as the Weddings are, I do like to get involved with the birthday celebrations too. Let’s be honest as any celebration is a happy experience to be part of.

Can’t wait to update you all next week as Christmas parties will start soon and we have some great themes coming up! I hope you enjoy reading our updates.

Hannah x