Coronavirus ruined your wedding?

Are you worried about the Coronavirus?

Do you feel your wedding is ruined? Have you wasted your money?

Is the wedding industry supporting you?

Well this is certainly a subject I never thought I’d have to write about. Covid 19 Coronavirus has really impacted everybody’s life and affected the way we go about our daily lives, whether it be leisure activities or the way we work.

The subject is a huge one to cover, and I am no politician or scientist so I don’t wish to push my views. However I think an update of how we are approaching the situation is very important. Even our Government at the moment is issuing daily reports, so I think good communication is integral here.

Here at The Added Extra our stance is quite simple. As long as your venue is open, then we will be delivering your items to your wedding. We have enough staff to ensure this will happen. We have good communication with all the venues and are getting daily updates from each of the ones we are attending within the next month from now.

Our offices and warehouse have been bleached and hand cleanliness is an absolute must. Many venues have adopted the same approach so in terms of fighting the germs we are doing all that can be done. Thankfully my staff members regularly shower too!

However, now to the more serious bit as emotions are involved. I personally feel so sorry for the Brides and Grooms, as you have probably in most cases been working your way up to this month for the last two years. You have invested lots of money and time into your big day and can see it falling apart and there is a good chance that the venue itself might cancel your day by simply not opening, or various suppliers may be forced to do so. Even when these factors are overcome, the guests scattered around the country and beyond will still have difficulty getting to your Wedding.

So let’s try and calm the situation down and assess each of the factors:

The Venue Closing – This would firstly only ever be done due to public safety and as big as your Wedding day is, there is actually lives at risk. We mustn’t lose focus. The older generation coming to your wedding is great but if they then can’t see the Grandchildren it maybe wasn’t worth it! Venues as far as I’m concerned will always postpone and then rearrange another date to suit you. We have already had 16 wedding dates rearranged. We work closely with these venues and everyone involved has the same ambition which is to give the Brides and Grooms a special day. There WILL NOT be a rearranged date fee by the venue or by us most certainly.

The time and money will not be wasted. The day will still happen and all your plans will be actioned but just in the future. A venue will not want a bad name from this and will most likely over compensate you. I think it’s very important to all respect each other though. Venues and suppliers should not charge extra fees, and Brides and Grooms should not expect more just because the day has moved. No one wanted this to happen, but likewise no one should suffer financially whether you’re the venue, the supplier or the happy couple.

Suppliers cancelling – I would imagine if this happened it would be completely unavoidable and most likely because they have the virus themselves. No supplier, like the venue is going to want a bad reputation from this or be seen to be taking advantage. I know from my aspirations, that I got involved in the Wedding industry to be part of what you hope is someone’s biggest day of their lives or at least one of them.

I will be making sure that anyone who has a booking with us will be accommodated to the date they change their wedding too. We have 3 selfie mirrors, 5 sweet carts and 148 4ft LED Letters to use. If there is any double booking due and the items you hired are out that day, I will personally do one of two things, if it’s a 4ft LED letter, then I will make one, and if it’s a mirror I will pay for a company I trust to man a selfie mirror for you. NONE of my customers will lose, or pay extra money due to this Coronavirus.

Also if we are unlucky enough to get the virus, procedures are in place that allows us to deliver the items to your wedding by a trusted third party as all our items are prepared for the coming 4 weeks and we will continue to be that far in front of our schedule in case of self-isolation. We also have good stocks of things like printing paper and ink ribbons so we won’t be struggling for supplies.

Now if I’m willing to go to those levels, I’m sure other suppliers are. The wedding industry is full of self-employed companies that love their work and with the ambitions that I have.

Please let me stress that if the venue is open, we will be there!

Guests – This is a tricky one as it is unchartered territory we are in. This has never happened in our life time and consequently people thoughts and emotions are very different. They range from thinking “sod it, if I get it, then I get it” to “I’m not leaving the house for work never mind for social gatherings.” I’m afraid everyone’s view has to be taken into account and if they feel that strongly about not going to a wedding then I’m afraid that’s tough.

It’s a harsh way to say it to you as you’ve waited for this day all your life, but really do you want these people there anyway? They will only moan about the virus and bring your party down, or even worse worry those that weren’t worried before. Also please take into account that if they say they are not coming, then I imagine they have gone through great anguish to tell you so. The guests that are there will make it a special day and you’ll most likely still get presents from all the ones that didn’t go. They may even over compensate so win win!

In conclusion your time was never wasted and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the constant looking through social media for ideas, attending wedding shows to book, and talking to every family member and friend about the day itself especially for the last few months. No one ever seems to talk to you about anything else it seems. Your money won’t be wasted and if anything you’ll be getting more for your cash, but make sure when you rearrange your date, take out some wedding insurance as this proves you never know what around the corner.

You Big Day will happen, just not yet. In this day and age of social media especially and everything being at the end of a touch screen we are so used to getting what we want straight away but these are very strange times. I know it’s hard to wait, but firstly it will be worth it and secondly, you may have to.

I hope this has put a light hearted spin on the situation that so many Brides keep ringing us about, and I’m more than happy to speak to each and every one of them (if booked with me haha) but I’m basically trying to assure you that all will be ok. Also it should be remembered that marriage is a union of two people and as fun as it is, the huge “party” is second to this.

Please stay safe.