Corporate Event Packages

Every Event Needs The WOW Factor.

Imagine stepping into an event where every moment and corner is designed to amaze and delight. As a corporate guest at an event adorned with The Added Extra’s comprehensive event package, the experience is nothing short of spectacular. From the moment you enter, you’re greeted by towering LED letters spelling out an inviting message, perhaps something as captivating as “LET’S PARTY” or the name of your company glowing in colours that match your logo, setting the tone for the evening.

As you mingle and move through the space, a sweet cart catches your eye, artfully decorated in your company’s colours or perhaps in a festive Christmas theme, offering an array of sweets that somehow includes your boss’s favourites. It’s a charming touch that adds a personal feel to the corporate gathering. Nearby, a dance floor sparkles under the lights, inviting guests to let loose and enjoy the music, its LED lights twinkling like stars under your feet.

The highlight of the evening might just be the magic selfie mirror, a modern marvel that draws everyone in. It’s not just a photo booth; it’s an experience, complete with props that spark laughter and camaraderie, capturing the night’s memories instantaneously with photos for everyone to take home. The mirror itself, manned by attentive staff, ensures everyone looks their best, capturing those perfect moments of fun and friendship among colleagues.

And it doesn’t stop there. The venue itself is transformed with uplighting in hues that complement your corporate identity, casting a glow that enhances the mood and ambiance. LED backdrop curtains provide a stunning visual effect, elegantly concealing any less appealing aspects of the venue, ensuring that every snapshot is as beautiful as the next.

This isn’t just an event; it’s a carefully crafted experience, where every element from the dazzling dance floor to the personalized sweetie cart, contributes to an unforgettable evening. The Added Extra’s corporate package ensures that your corporate event is not just another date on the calendar, but a memorable celebration that leaves everyone talking long after the last dance.

Corporate Event Package

  • 4ft LED Letters
    • Up to 9 letters are included in the package, with popular choices being ‘LET’S PARTY’, DANCE’ or ‘CHRISTMAS’. (Additional LED Letters/Numbers can be added)
    • We can even spell out your company name and change the bulb colours to match your logo.
  • Selfie Mirror
    • Our magic mirrors and props are always the main attraction and great fun.
    • The photos are printed out there and then for your guests to take away. We do unlimited prints!
    • Props can be tailored to suit “jokes” within your company.
    • We take care of the ‘technical stuff’ as the mirror is manned during the duration of your party. We even make sure we catch your good side.
  • Sweetie Cart
    • The cart can be decorated in your company colours or be Christmas themed.
    • We provide enough sweets to cater for 120 people and we will always try to provide the boss’s favourites! (For a small fee extra guests can be added.
    • Sweet bags of your chosen colours and scoops included. Option to add personalising the sweet bags.
  • Dance Floor
    • LED sparkling white polished dance floor of 12x12ft. There is an option for bigger Dance Floors if required
    • This is an optional extra starting from £250 high includes the underlay to protect the venues flooring.
  • Up Lighting
    • This is an optional extra at £14 per Up Lighter creating the perfect mood in your corporate colours.
  • LED Backdrop Curtains
    • This is a fantastic option to really dress your venue and a solution to hide any walls you don’t wish your guests too see.
From Only £ 795 .00

We have many different types of props to dress your event and provide features to make your event stand out. We can create bespoke set ups for not only Corporate Events, Christmas Parties but also for Award Ceremonies.

Take a look at our gallery and props pages for the different options available or get in touch to discuss your options…