From Weddings to Corporate Balls: Must-have rentals for every occasion

Struggling to find what you would like for your event? These are our must-have items that outshine for any occasion.

Selfie Mirrors that steal the show

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or corporate event, a Selfie Mirror is the perfect addition to any event. Especially if you want to make it to make it unforgettable. The days of traditional photo booths are gone. The Selfie Mirror is an interactive and memorable experience for guests which provides instant prints so guests can take home a physical memory from the event right away.. it’s the perfect party favour!

Dance the night away: Transform your venue with stunning LED dance floors

Our LED dance floors are the perfect way to transform any venue into a dance haven. They add an element of glamour, excitement and pure fun to your event! The sparkly LED lights and energetic atmosphere created by the dance floor are sure to keep it packed throughout the night, encouraging your guests to dance from the first song to the last, creating an unforgettable night!

Capture every moment: The magic of Audio Guestbooks

In addition to serving as an aesthetic decorative piece at your event, our Telephone Boxes/Audio Guestbooks are a great keepsake that you can listen back on for years to come. They are the perfect way to capture your guests’ heartfelt message, and hearing their voices. This is rather than just seeing it written down adds an extra special layer of sentiment!

Although, the messages aren’t all sweet, heartfelt well wishes.. There have been many funny (and inappropriate!) messages left, and some impromptu karaoke sessions that makes for some hilarious moments!

Light up your event: The enchanting glow of LED letters

The 4ft LED letters are a great way to lighten up your dance floor. Even to make a picture perfect backdrop for your ceremony. The letters are so versatile and can be customised to fit your theme and event perfectly! We offer the classic white wooden LED letters, rustic, floral or metal letters. People tend to stick to the traditional ‘LOVE’, ‘Mr & Mrs’, or their surname. Although there are many options, including hashtags and hearts, and

some people have even had little phrases/quotes that are meaningful to them, we recently had a couple have ‘DING DONG’!

Level up your event with an arcade machine

There has been a big increase recently in people hiring arcade machines for their event.. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained and also the adults with the old school games bringing a sense of nostalgia to your event! With over 5000 games including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and many more popular games. Your guests will be transported back in time to their childhood and you won’t be able to get them off!

The arcade machine works well in any venue as it doesn’t take up much space, all that’s needed is a power supply!

Spoil your guests with a Sweet treat!

If you haven’t got your fill of nostalgia with the arcade machine.. Why not add a sweet cart as well and tap into your guests’ childhood tuck shop memories! And there’s no need to worry about it not fitting in with the theme of your event, as we have a range of sweet carts from white, rustic, white ferris-wheel and white ladder, which can all be decorated however you like!