How Long Will An Air-Filled Balloon Arch Last

This is something a lot of customers ask, though a lot of the time customers like the balloon arch for their event and then they will discard them. We are often left popping them all when we come to collect any of the items they have hired from us such as the love LED letters or selfie mirror in the early morning hours.

Undoubtedly balloons look their best and fullest for the first 24 hours. Whenever we do an event the balloon set ups we do are on the day, and as late as possible to ensure the very best for the look of the display. When the balloon is at its hardest (fully blown up) it is a lot easier to work with. We can create better designs, as it allows us to incorporate more decoration such as flowers, confetti and even feathers.

So How Long Do They Last

I guess after 24 hours they start to deflate but if we want to get scientific about this, it mainly depends on the atmosphere of the room. Balloons love room temperature or 18-20 degrees. Anything colder they seem to get smaller and room temperature changes accelerate this process. In a venue you normally find it starts of at room temperature, then gets hotter and hotter as the party continues and then the heating gets turned off when everyone goes home. The balloons basically struggle to regulate themselves and then deflate.

What Happens To The Balloons When Outside?

Balloons arches used outside is good for the day and into the evening but are rubbish by the next day. To avoid this issue we always advise against using them in outdoor areas over a 2-3 day period. Also, as the balloons deflate, the decorations start to fall out. This then makes the balloon arch start looking like it is feeling sorry for itself.

Balloons in your home will last longer as the temperature is more consistent over longer periods of time. 

So what happens to the balloons after an event?

So after the event, the life for a balloon is a bit gloomy. During, it will look its very best and help create a fabulous focal point, offering great photo opportunities. In most cases it ends the night being kicked around by a child and even more likely by a drunken adult.

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