How to book a showroom visit

If you have been keeping up to date with our news and social media you will have seen we have opened up a showroom for customers to visit and see our items. This is a brilliant opportunity to picture what your event will look like on the day as you have seen all items and chose your favourite ones!

For more information about the Showroom click HERE.

How do I book a visit?

On every page of our website, at the top there is a button that says “Book Showroom Visit“. This will take you to the page to request your visit.

On the calendar choose what day suits you best to visit our head office. Underneath are time slots that you can choose from. It is better to book your visit in advance as days and timings are quickly filling up.

Fill out your details including your name, email and phone number. After you have submitted your request you will receive a confirmation email and shortly after Zoe will give you a quick email to ask you a few questions. Don’t panic, these are just questions about your event so we can set up the show room accordingly. If there are any specific items you would like to see make sure to let Zoe know!

We look forward to seeing you!