Induction days 

Induction days 

Well we progress!

I never thought we’d get to a day where we had to hold an induction day to welcome new staff on mass. To be honest i did, but maybe not this soon haha

Joella our Events, Marketing & Social Media Manager (yes this is a mouthful to say) took control of the day at the Tytherington Club who we do a lot of events for. It’s a fantastic Golf club, Spa and Hotel and to be honest i was humbled when they offered use of their board rooms. It created a very professional setting for us to welcome new member to.

The point of the day was to recruit new Selfie Mirror staff. We have over 250 mirrors booked in this year for Weddings and other Events. We would certainly not cope using the same 4 or 5 operatives all year. As keen as they would probably be to do it, I like the idea of staff being fresh and so rest time is important too.

I’m a huge believer in new ideas being brought to the table as well, after-all, this helps us progress in the business world and offer more to our customers. The more people we have working for us the more ideas we have floating around that we can act on.

So Joella commenced a day of presentations of what the job involves in the life of a Mirror Operative and then trained accordingly. We had some great applicants and some are now working for us who i will introduce in due course.

If you like the idea of working a Selfie Mirror, normally 5 hours work predominately on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday night then please contact us at [email protected] To be fair its well paid, your petrol costs are covered and can be great fun if you’re a social person. It’s also a great opportunity for someone trying to get in the events industry and we only promote from within if your thing of a career.