We have the New Pylon iPad Photo Booth 

It has been highly anticipated and using an extraordinary app which allows its users to perform single and multiple photos as well as Boomerang style recordings in a fantastically fun way. With all the animations and extras to explore, we have adapted it beautifully to suit all wedding parties for your guests.

We thought we should write a blog looking into this further to give you a full understanding of how it works.

The buzz around Selfie Mirrors still exists now as we still come to weddings where guests have never seen one, but we can assure you little to no guests will have seen this. We are literally one of the first in the country to offer this style of Photo Booth.

Guests pose for a picture and have a printout 7 seconds after agreeing to print it.

So how have we adapted it to suit a wedding? 

Naturally the greatest app in the world is nothing without a bit of human intervention to make it come alive as passing an iPad around would be very boring. So we had to make the overall package more appealing to encourage guests to be interactive with it.

We firstly locked the iPad in to a circular casing, so it appears to be a bigger screen, with a powerful RGBW LED ring light as a border. Naturally this helps with the lighting for the photos but with it changing colour it creates a visual that guests are instantly wanting to inspect if only to see what is going on. Children also love this and are mesmerised by it!

The circular display aid then sits proudly on a curved, modern designed stand that doesn’t take the focus away from what the iPad booth is and doesn’t look out of place in a venue. We had much debate whether to have it in the colour of black or white and after much discussion with customers wanting to book, speaking to venues and even putting it to a vote via our Instagram page we opted for the black.

So what do you get for the money? 

Our Pylon iPad photo booths are a fantastic photography concept, for all your guests to enjoy whilst giving them the opportunity to keep a memento.

  1. Guests see their reflection in the Ipad
  2. Choose from a large selection of props then enter the designated area highlighted by the guide ropes and carpet or as the Pylon roams the room. Props can always be made more personal to include a couple’s hobbies, themes or even a private joke.
  3. Animations play to guide guests to touch the glass and through the process of taking a fabulous picture.
  4. The hidden camera flashes and guests receive an instant personalised print or even have the option of a boomerang recording (GIF).
  5. There are additional options to send photos & videos to mobiles, social media and personal email addresses can be offered.

This will entertain your guests for the duration of the party offering both them and yourself a fabulous memento through high-quality professional photos. Like with our Selfie Mirrors, the Pylon iPad photo booth will be manned by 2 members of our staff at The Added Extra who are experienced in encouraging all generations to get involved in a non-pushy way. These attendants often add to the experience and if guests want to chat to our staff, they are very approachable.

The all new “Roaming” Feature 

This is so exciting; I can barely wait to get the words on the page!!

The” roam” feature which we have had the idea to do is capturing guests around the room in various settings such as at the bar, or on the dance floor in the hope to create a great source of fun and interaction for guests, while capturing fantastic pictures for you and them that would otherwise not have happened. It’s the perfect memento.

Within the price we offer one free “roam” around the venue taking pictures and printing them to any guests wanting to jump on and have a go. A staff member will detach the circular frame from its stand and carry it one handed around your venue. It truly is a brand new concept and one to get your guests talking. If you wish you can pay for additional “roams” but one is often enough and creates a little buzz around the room.


To be honest, any new and innovative ideas that you can bring to your party are a great addition to your day. You only get this day once and the worst thing is once it’s over you see even more new ideas being introduced to weddings that you’d have loved. Basically, embrace all you can and enjoy your special day.

Guests are there for you, but they are also there to be entertained by the hosts. This is just one idea that gets your guests up off their seats and involved in the day. Surely once up, most then head to the bar or the dance floor.