Is 100 Balloons Enough For A Balloon Arch?

Choosing the right size Balloon Arch for your event is a common question we get asked frequently. It is a difficult to answer as it depends on what kind of balloon arch we are using.

The most common arch we do is the 5 foot arch over a number normally displaying a milestone age. The arch starts from the floor and aches over the last digit to the middle on the next one.

It makes a wonderful focal point for the birthday party, after all its always about achieving the wow factor. 

How do you make a balloon arch?

As with all Balloon Arches we do, they come in any colours you wish mainly to suit the theme of the party. We don’t just use the standard 12 inch balloons either, we like to create a texture, and to do this we need to use varying sizes of balloon.

We use the 5 inch balloons to fill in the gaps as there is nothing worse then being able to see through the arch as it makes it look cheap. Then we use anything up to 32 Inch balloons to add to the design but not too many as they take up a lot of space and in this case, “less is more” as the old saying goes.

So taking all this into account the minimum amount of balloons in this so called more simple arch is around 145-165 balloons.

Customers then sometimes want the balloons decorated with additional floral displays which we happily provide. For example Pampas Grass works extremely well with pinks, dusky colours and golds, while the use of gold confetti strands work well in balloon arches in the ever popular combination of gold and black.

To take this answer further, if an arch was to go right over a 2 digit number from one side to the other then this would involve the use of approximately 260 varying sizes of balloons.

What can you add to a balloon arch?

Another common use is decorating the 4ft white LED Love Letters with the balloons, but that is more of a stranded design from one side of the word, weaving in and out to the opposite top corner. This would be around the 260 figure as well.

Then things get crazy as we have clients that have walled displays such as a Safari seen which I have attached as a picture.

This used around 1250 balloons and I’m sure we have used more than that in other displays over the years. We used 800 balloons to create a finish line for a local school on their sports day for a charity close to their heart, the list could go on.

Balloon Arches are extremely popular at the moment and great fun to design and create. It’s a fabulous way for you to decorate a huge chunk of your event room as a relatively cheap cost and is also a way of enhancing something you may have already hired, hopefully something from us at The Added Extra haha.

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