Moving Forward

The Added Extra is on the move!

So, the move forward … The Added Extra have loved doing events over the last 7 to 8 years. We started very small with just the occasional birthday. As we grow more and more it’s become something of a juggernaut with over 20 weddings every week. We adore what we do and will never stop doing so. Being part of a wedding day in particular is so special.

Evolving as a company more and more staff have joined and the buildings that we once used are now too small. So the time has come to upscale the business and the premises.

1st step forward

After much consideration and negotiation, we are taking on a new warehouse in Congleton trade park. At least this way we still stay local. It allows all our staff to be in the one building instead of being separated. This will create an even better service to what we can offer to the weddings and events industry. It means better communication and more importantly, it allows us to be outside ideas of each other more frequently. If everything is in one building than ideas we have can be acted on straight away. This is something we hope is seen by the customers.

Over time we have stretched over three premises. Especially as the items we do get more and more, and bigger and bigger. Storing 5 selfie mirrors, with all their guide ropes, props and spare parts takes up a lot of space. Then with the 2 dance floors, multiple sweet carts, all the LED letters and many more. With all of these we are positively bursting in the current premises which is already 4500 square feet. 


As we do this, it allows us to expand into more intricate parts of party and event planning. We are always being asked for balloon stacks and personalised items. However, in the past, we just simply didn’t have the room. We will now have a dedicated creative room for this.

This will be one of our first steps moving forward to improve and reach for our customers needs.

2nd step forward

We want sweet Carts to be more bespoke, with more decoration. For every cart we want to have clear choices of sweets that all guests of all dietary requirements can choose from. We will have a dedicated sweet room to serve this exact purpose. In the past, a lot of our Sweet Carts have mainly been wedding based. This way we can concentrate more on the children’s party market.


In moving buildings that allows us to expand in other areas. As a company we have been wanting to do for a long time. A big interest of mine is business itself. I love the idea of promoting not only my business but other people’s businesses as well. So, we have developed three new concepts within the company in serving this purpose. It is things that I have found that I have needed over the last seven years to help my businesses grow. 

Studio Room

The first and most obvious thing that businesses need especially with social media being at the forefront of most marketing plans is photography. We are lucky enough to have qualified photographers within our staff so we thought we would take this opportunity whilst we have newfound space to open a studio. We want to open it up too many different sectors of the public. Whether it be a student wanting to try out studio equipment or being a shop, wanting to take photos of garments for their internet websites. The expectation is not only photographers, but other self-employed photographers to hire the room and use it in a way that is profitable to them. They will be able to hold photo shoots which include people as well as animals if they wish.

Podcast room

The second room that we wish to open is a podcast room. This is my lead to higher where customers can do it in a cost-effective way and receive a raw copy in which they can publish it themselves. However, we will have someone on site that can edit and publish for a small charge. 

Everyone loves a podcast these days and though we are not yet tempted to do a wedding-based show we understand the advantages of using them to promote a business. 

Conference room

The third room is a boardroom or conference room. Companies often have many staff and wish to balance round ideas. But they don’t particularly have the space to do so. The boardroom provides this for them. In holding meetings you allow your company to grow without the investment of spending money on a space yourself. 


For now, this is just a brief outline of what we will be doing but all will be launched mid-July. in which we will be holding open days to other businesses, other suppliers within the industry of weddings and events, and then to the public. Each new concept will have its own website and booking system. 

We want to create an exciting business hub. The Added Extra has some very skilled staff and it’s a waste not to use them. By doing this we will meet new businesses, create more opportunities, and consequently improve our service to what we supply to Events ourselves, and to businesses in the events industry. 

So, there is exciting times ahead and I hope to see you at one of our open days and hopefully make use of our rooms at some point.