Our Team Part 1

Our Team

We are going to be doing a series of blogs on our wonderful team at The Added Extra. We spend so much time getting to know our amazing customers we thought it was only fair that you got to know us!

First up…

Our Social Media Manager
Name: Katie Stevens
Age: 24
Hometown: Congleton
Likes: Travelling, shopping and socialising
Dislikes: Caramel, when people don’t say thank you and the dentist (lol)

Before joining The Added Extra Katie had a passion for travelling. In 2016 Katie left home to travel around Asia for 6 months before moving to Australia for 2 years! Katie was due to move to Canada early 2020 but changed her mind due to Covid-19 and has now embraced a full time position with us. Katie still wants to travel and is hoping to next year spend her holiday entitlement exploring Europe.

Katie has worked for The Added Extra for over a year now. With her wealth of knowledge regarding Social Media we brought Katie on to help transform our platforms and excel our output online.
Katie’s main responsibility is to keep our social media platforms current, she achieves this by posting regularly, creating great content and keeping connected with fellow suppliers.

During lockdown we joined Unveiled Network and The Digital Diva Society, for anyone considering joining a network/society we would highly recommend it. Both groups have enabled us to keep up to date with current trends, form a great group of supportive suppliers and friends and have provided us with invaluable advice whenever required.

Recently, due to Covid-19 and wedding’s being postponed , we have been focusing a lot on lockdown parties. Katie has embraced her creative side and added balloon decor to our list of products! Katie also created a great window display for 7th Heaven Bridal in Congleton for their Sophia Tolli Trunk Show and has opened up a new avenue for the business.

Katie’s current focuses are to increase our social media following, continue to network with other suppliers and to keep creating great content.

Katie’s favourite part of the job is the social and creative sides of the role, from going to customers houses/venues and creating their displays to attending wedding shows and meeting all of the lovely couples!

If anyone has any social media queries or wants to know more about the societies we are part of, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Instagram!