Phone Box Fun

Audio Phone-O-Gram / Phone Box

The life sized phone box has been a massive hit in the last few months since we launched it. The messages that guests leave range from huge sentiment to the hilarious. Young and old enjoy this new concept of leaving messages to the happy couples. I wish I’d have thought about audio guest books years ago.

So has there been any problems?

On the software side it has all run very smoothly. The messages record, sometimes even the drivers singing on the way home from collection, rather embarrassing, go on to the computer. We then transfer them to the USB fine. The general feedback is that customers have loved listening to the messages. There have been one or two cases of the Groomsmen being a bit too boozy, but the Bridesmaids are not blameless.

As we were one of the first to offer Audio Guestbooks, we have encountered a few problems with the phone box itself. Structurally it is very strong, probably too strong, as it is made it really heavy for our delivery team. The fear was that drunken wedding guests would lean against it and children can run wild at weddings too. We were weary of them holding on to the door of the phonebook. 

Wedding venues have welcomed the Phone Box and have been extremely accommodating. It seems to be working best near the welcoming table near the Post box. Too near the Dancefloor and bar causes the wedding guest to shout even though they don’t need to. The Phone is actually good at blocking out back ground noise.

The Phone Box needed LED

We love LED lights anyway, otherwise we wouldn’t have got into the LED letters and numbers all them years ago. LEDs are used around our donut and Prosecco Walls even so it was only a matter of time before we added them to this. We felt the Phone Box could be slightly dark in some wedding venues though so we have run LED strips up each of the corners and around the ceiling. These LED lights can change colours too. 

We added a neon as well if only to keep it modern looking and actually make a talking piece. The back of the Phone Box started life in plain red but has now been given a makeover with a foliage display with flower heads to break up the green and add colour to it. The flower heads can also match the flowers used in the wedding to keep the theme running through the entire day.

So, what next?

Firstly, we have bought another phone as we try to keep up with the demand. I think the price we charge is very fair and the wedding couple get a lot in return for their money. Not every wedding wants or needs a full Phone Box as it is quite a big statement piece, so we have found decorating the area around the phone near the Post Box in most cases is a lovely subtle touch.

However, the white Phone Box is now ready to offer to customers as we have just finished it. I guess it is more in keeping with the wedding decoration around at the moment, though we feel the red Phone Box is more traditional looking. It has opened up a gateway to Dr Who fans though wanting a blue one.

While writing this I have also remembered the red Phone Box needs a handle to open the door. I’m also thinking that the back doesn’t always have to be foliage, it could be a sequin wall effect too.

In Conclusion..

In basic terms we at The Added Extra love the Phone Box whether it is white or red, or even without the box so it is just a phone. More importantly our customers, mainly the wedding couples love it, and even more important than that our customers wedding guests love it. They love the look of it, the photo opportunities it offers, the entire concept of being able to leave wisdom or a funny message and just to have a new addition to the wedding event scene.