Post Box

A Simple Edition To Your Wedding.

Such a simple idea for every wedding and any other event for that matter, the humble post box. Every guest walks in to the event wanting to dispose of the card and if you’re lucky enough, the present they are holding as quick as possible. Guests stand awkwardly until they know where to put these items. As the host of the party it is your responsibility for your guests to know exactly where to place gifts. Even more importantly for them to be kept safely.

Importance of Keeping The Gifts Safe

A post box not only keeps all the wedding or birthday gifts together but keeps them locked up. Some guests arrive at midday which is a long time for gifts to be laying around unattended. They need to be protected from the staff of the venue but also, and it’s sad to write, but there may be unfavourable family members looking to steal, or children may just start playing with them and scattering them across the venue.

Naturally you don’t want to lose any gifts. More importantly, guests have taken the time to write in the cards to pass on their good wishes to you. These cards deserve to be read by you, the hosts. This is your future memories.

All our Post Boxes come with locks. The keys are looked after by the wedding coordinator as a a general rule. The Post Box is delivered in the morning of your event and collected after midnight once it has been emptied. No one at The Added Extra will ever empty a Post Box!

Should I make a feature of the Post Box?

We at The Added Extra think you should. We touched on it briefly before about stopping the wedding guest from feeling awkward by carrying your gift around when all they want to do is speak to a fellow guest or just get to the bar for a drink. You as the host need to make a little bit of a decorative feature and assist them in their problem. It is also a subtle way of saying “Give me your gifts, so I can lock them away”.

By the Post Box other ideas work nearby to it, like the guestbook. Guests can freely write their wisdom and sign the book. If this is near to the post box it ensures that people do it. An addition to this recently is the introduction of our Audio Guestbook. This is basically a telephone that guest can pick up and leave messages to the Bride and Grooms. This placed by the Post Box is ideal so everyone gets to see it.

You can make it prettier with the use of floral designs to keep it in the theme of your wedding. A rustic postbox could be used if your theme is rustic.

Personalising the Post Box

Everyone knows who you are, they are at your wedding or party but personalising the Post Box just shows that little attention to detail. Often it is something as simple as your names and the date of the wedding/event. 

What Post Boxes Do We Offer?

We started off with the traditional victorian post box in white. Visually it was pleasing to the eye with its ornate decoration and was a good size at over 3 foot. It had a place for a label and had a front and back exit where both could be locked.

However as time has moved on people are always looking to do something different so we added the same post box in red, then the more traditional table top red Post Box the Royal Mail used in the 1970-90’s. We then became more creative and built a neutral simple boxed Post Box which lends itself to a number of designs from elegant to vintage styles. Then we kept with this and made a 3 foot wishing well that could store not only envelopes but parcels as well. We have 2 variations of wishing wells. Lastly to cover the rustic theme of weddings we designed a rustic Post Box which is ridiculously popular and again lends itself to bespoke designs.

In Conclusion

This is such a simple add on to your order when hiring items from us. It is well worth it for the reasons discussed within this blog. However well done for getting to the end of the article. As reading about Post Boxes probably wasn’t top of your things to do today. The only way to finish this really is with some Post Box facts so you have at least learnt something. 

Fact one, by 1829 Post Boxes were being used throughout France. But, it was actually in 1653, the first post boxes are believed to be installed in Paris.

Secondly, let’s bring it nearer to home. A post box was originally installed in the wall of the Wakefield Post Office and was dated 1809. This is believed to be the oldest example in Britain.

More than a 100 postboxes were repainted gold to commemorates a British gold medal winner following the 2012 Summer and Summer Paralympics. We even have one in our home town of Congleton in Cheshire.

Between 1952 and 1980 over 20,000 in the wall Post Boxes were implemented across Britain.

We have moved away from weddings and events slightly but at least I don’t need to write the word “post box” from this point.