Progression & Getting To Work

This blog is purely about getting the fingers moving and the brain active again.

After a year of stop starts and changes in regulations due to Covid-19, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. The retail world is opening up, more people are allowed to gather as each month passes, and this experiment in Liverpool with young club goers of about 3000 will hopefully be successful and path the way for partying again.

The last year has been progressive for us though. I won’t go in to every minor detail about the year as it’s boring and even more boring to relive it all through writing. In simple terms, we repaired and enhanced all hired items we offer, while at the start of 2021 we invested hugely in new products and staff training. We explored the domestic market a lot more bringing the perceived big venue items to people’s homes. I have to be honest and say I met lots of lovely people that I would never have normally met and picked up some great inspo for decorating my house too. However i can’t wait to get back on to the big wedding and party events.

With this excitement comes the work though. Marketing, sales, blogging like this all starts again, that doesn’t even scratch the surface when we have to go through the logistics of fitting in nearly 200 weddings before Christmas! I dread to think what the mileage of my poor van will do.
But we are finally doing partying again, and never have we welcomed it more.

So the website you are on has been revamped during lock down and launched even though we are still working on it each week. Lots of new items such as our Pylon iPad Photo Booth are to be added over the coming weeks while updating the other items one page at a time.
We are looking for a new Marketing & Sales Manager in the coming weeks, a retail worker and Selfie Mirror Operators to work the Photo Booths we have. We will be employing at least 5 more people over the coming weeks to add to our already fabulous team. For now we are purely focusing on the future and very exciting times are ahead.