Wedding and Event Uplighting

Create the Perfect Ambiance with Our Wedding & Event Uplighting Services

Imagine stepping into a room that pulses with the energy of your story, where every corner is bathed in a glow that matches your dream theme. That’s the magic of our Wedding and Event Uplighting. It’s not just about adding light, it’s about creating an atmosphere, setting a mood, and making your event space truly yours.

Our uplighting does wonders to any event space, turning ordinary rooms into mesmerizing scenes. Picture cones of light dancing up the walls, painting the space in vivid colours that match your wedding or event theme perfectly. It’s about crafting those flashes of light that turn your venue from great to unforgettable.

But it’s not all about the spectacle. Our decorative lighting fills spaces with warmth, adding that cosy, inviting glow that makes your guests feel right at home. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle ambiance or a dramatic flair, we’ve got you covered. You can dial it up for a bold statement or keep it soft for a gentle whisper of colour.

This isn’t just lighting; it’s a way to personalize your space, to tell your story through colour and light. Whether you’ve got a grand hall or a cosy room, our uplighting fits perfectly, creating the atmosphere that’s just right for your special day. It’s all about turning your vision into reality, with just the right amount of light to make everything look and feel as perfect as you’ve imagined.

So, let’s light up your event in a way that’s uniquely you. With our uplighting, your special day will glow with the colours of your love story, creating memories that shine as brightly as your lights. Get in touch, and let’s start planning how to make your event truly shine.


Key Features: 

  • 100% true wireless, quad colour LED Lighting
  • Can have the colour you need to suit the theme of your room
  • Can change colouring through the day if you wish
  • Can create strobe effects if you wish
  • Items delivered in the morning of your event and placed before guests even arrive
  • Professionally placed to get the most out of your lighting
  • Subtly placed
  • Fully Pat Tested and insured

FULL DAY HIRE: £14 per Uplighter


Why Use The Added Extra For Your Uplighting?

Questions about the uplighting you provide

What type of event are the uplighter used for?

They can be used to enhance the atmosphere of a wedding or birthday party. This can be done with paler colours through the day and stronger colours at night. They are also a great addition to a corporate event as they not only enhance the room but can project the brand colours of the company, creating a very professional look.

Sometimes even just the one uplighter could be used behind a Sweetcart at a wedding for example to highlight its place in the room alerting guests that there is something at this point.

Where are they used in the venue?

They would be used most likely in the main function room spread evenly along the perimeter walls of the room. They also work well where parts of the wall come out to create a more even look. Most venues require 8-12 uplighters.

How does the uplighter change colour?

A member of The Added Extra team would speak to you before the event day to predetermine the colours that you may need. However the venue would be given a controller to enable you to change the colours if you so wish.

Do uplighters all need to be the same colour?

It is common to have them all as the same colour but if the theme of the event requires it, it is easy for us to change the individual colouring of an uplighter.

What’s the delivery and collection process?

Our friendly and professional team are here to provide you with total peace of mind. When hiring products, we at The Added Extra are responsible for all removals. Your items will arrive on time, we will set them up for you, check all is working and at the end of the event we will collect. You don’t have to do a thing!

(A £50 deposit is required to save the date and the balance is due 28 days before your event)

The Added Extra

  • Creating a “wow” factor feature for your event
  • Creates the perfect mood and atmosphere
  • Enhance the most basic of rooms
  • Personalise to match your colour scheme or branding with our uplighting
  • We have worked with many of the wedding venues in the Cheshire and Lancashire areas


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