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A perfect addition to any celebration, our Arcade Machine entertains kids for hours on end, while adults relish the chance to revisit the cherished games of their youth. It’s a hit across all ages, making it a must-have for your next party.

Elevate your event space with our sleek, compact Arcade Machine, the ultimate multi-game entertainment system that seamlessly integrates into any setting. This marvel of gaming nostalgia houses an impressive library of 5,914 classic arcade games, inviting guests to step back in time to the golden era of arcade history. From the thrilling adventures of Donkey Kong and Pac-Man to the strategic battles of Space Invaders and Galaxian, not to mention a treasure trove of iconic titles from Nintendo and Sega, this machine offers endless entertainment for all ages.

Crafted with a sophisticated black wood veneer and reinforced with tempered glass for durability, our Arcade Machine not only plays the part but looks the part too, adding a touch of class to your event. The adjustable screen ensures optimal viewing for players of all heights, while customizable under-lighting lets you set the mood and complement your party’s theme with a touch of a button, thanks to the included remote control.

Don’t just host an event—create an unforgettable experience with our Arcade Machine. It’s not just about playing games; it’s about reliving memories, making new ones, and giving your guests a reason to rave about your party long after it’s over. Secure yours today and turn your event into the talk of the town.


If you book a Selfie Mirror with Arcade Machine, the Arcade Machine is only £75


Key Features:

  • High-quality arcade machine
  • Over 5000 classic arcade games all in one
  • Beautiful 26″ HD display that can be tilted
  • Brand new machine made by the best in the industry
  • Remote Controlled LED Under-Lighting
  • Easy to use – just plug in and play games
  • Great gaming menu to select games
  • Arcade buttons and joysticks for 2-player action

Our Delivery team will subtly deliver this either at the start of the day or during the room turnover, basically whatever works best for you.

During the night our Events Manager will come and check all is ok.




Why Use The Added Extra For Your Arcade Machines?

Questions you may have about our Arcade Machines?

What games do you have?

There is over 5000 games ranging through 5 decades of games including all the old favourites of each of the generations. It’s not only great entertainment for your guest, but a fantastic to encourage conversation. Weddings do have occasional quiet periods and something like this really helps the day to flow.

There is lots of 2D platform games and sporting games. A good mix of simple games for the younger guests going up to the more competitive gameplay for the adults, most likely the stags when drunk!

Do you have Nintendo Games?

Yes we have Nintendo games on our Arcade machines. We are lucky enough to even have some of the Mario collection and Mario Cart.

Do you have the Sega games?

Yes we have Sega games on our Arcade machines featuring Sonic and Tails as well as many more.

Is the Arcade Machine strong?

As our arcade machines go to many weddings and events they need to be very robust. The glass is tampered so it’s very strong. Through the coarse of the day we have staff checking up on the arcade machines to monitor any damage. In the very unlikely case that there is we do have spare buttons and ways of fixing machines at the venue.

Are they cleaned?

We ensure that after every wedding, birthday party and corporate event that they are fully cleaned as new ready for the next time they are out for hiring.

How does the Arcade Machine get delivered to my event?

Our friendly and professional team are here to provide you with total peace of mind. When hiring products, we at The Added Extra are responsible for all removals. Your items will arrive on time, we will set them up for you, check all is working and at the end of the event we will collect. You don’t have to do a thing!

(A £50 deposit is required to save the date and the balance is due 28 days before your event)

The Added Extra Upgrades

  • Creating a “wow” factor feature for your event
  • Impress your guests and create nostalgia.
  • Keep your guests entertained, young and old
  • Personalise to match your colour scheme or branding with our under lighting.
  • Full day or evening hire available


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