Rustic Letter Range 

Rustic Letter Range 

I said NEVER but here we are….

We are making letters from rustic wood as the trend has dictated. To be fair I love them but I thought I was on my own, but I’m not it seems!

They are hugely tedious to make but the effect they offer is unbelievable. We have used a bigger bulb setting in these letters when comparing them to our white LED Love Letters, as the bulb against the cabochon casing really works against the darker wood creating a really warm glow.

At wedding shows they have been much admired and I soon realised the word “LOVE” or “MR(S)&MRS” would not be enough. We have powered through in building the whole alphabet so we can instantly start spelling surnames.

The letters are free standing at 4ft high in an impressive bold print. They create fantastic talking pieces and wonderful photo opportunities. These letters naturally work well in a rustic setting or if the theme of your wedding is a rustic feel, but the real shock is they work in a corporate, almost clinical setting. I didn’t have this vision but one of our Brides did! She placed them in a white clean setting and the contrast is created was almost breathe taking. So my advice is if you like these, follow your heart and go with it. The white LED Letters are lovely but don’t feel the letters have to match the furnishings of a venue around them.

I love a new range but it encourages more products and so we continue to grow. The letters are now done but the next question was “Do you have a Post Box to match?” so yes, we made one to match. Just when you think you’re done another question comes in “Do you have a Sweet Cart to match?”… Well guess what, we do now. It’s a heavy item to move but really impressive and I’m proud of it. The design took a while and finding a cart wheel was a bit of a nightmare but it has all come together finally.

In conclusion we have a full “Rustic Range” that we can now offer in our Wedding packages. We welcome any customers to visit our showroom and take a look or keep an eye on all our Socials for photographs as we use them with the weddings.

Very exciting!!