Selfie Mirror, Selfie Mirror

The Added Extra

Well we have done it!!

We now have another Selfie Mirror to cope with the demand. I dread to think what i have let myself in for as we are already busy with not only Selfie Mirrors but our 4ft LED Letters and Sweet Carts. After thinking long and hard and talking to the staff, we decided we could do it but we will be taking on another 2 members of staff in the coming months. The Added Extra just seems to be getting bigger!

A selfie Mirror offers so much to a couples wedding. It’s not just the fun it creates with all the crazy props, and it’s not even the photos that are instantly printed for every guest, it’s the fact it encourages great interaction. This can be between us and your guests, or it can be guests with other guests. Children think it’s the most amazing thing ever, believing it really is a Magic Mirror.

The Mirror i feel always works well from 7pm – 11pm. When it’s time for room change around from a Wedding Breakfast to the Evening Party, it can create a slight lull, but this solves that problem. It immediately gets guests talking, even if it’s just them wondering what it is. It helps build excitement. Adults are normally reserved to begin with and throw their children in front of it. This is great for us though; it keeps us busy and the children show their pictures to all the adult guests who then in turn want to have a go themseleves. As the night goes on the guests get more daring and the pictures get funnier. Another big advantage to this is that we have all the children at the start of the Evening Party while the adult guests can relax and mingle.

Every guest in a picture would get a copy and this is great for large groups who don’t normally get a photo opportunity. We have managed to squeeze 17 guests on one photo. Men for example, on the whole don’t take pictures when on a night out so rarely do all the “Lads” get a picture together. Men won’t admit this but they love these pictures and you see them making sure its somewhere safe. Also, Mum’s get a chance to get a picture of all their children together which can be a rare occasion for some families, even if it’s a picture they just want to stick to their fridge door.

We offer great props, and we do like to speak to our couples and see if they have any interests or stories that we can relate the props to a little bit. We have the Harry Potter and Star Wars fans for example so we can make sure certain props relate to this. There is a great choice of inflatables, wigs and hats.

After the event the happy couple get a professionally printed book of all the best photos and a USB memory stick of every photo from the night.

At least with another Mirror we can take more booking and attend more Weddings which is why we all do it. No two Weddings seem to be the same.