Selfie Mirror Time

The Added Extra

After customers kept asking we decided now is the time to get the Selfie Mirror.

A Magic Selfie Mirror

  • Manned for 4 hours at your event
  • A table of many assorted props for your guests to enjoy
  • Photos printed within 10 seconds
  • Choice of one full length portrait on 6×4 photo or multiple portraits on one print
  • Unlimited prints
  • Red carpet, Guide Ropes and Frame supplied
  • Full size mirror
  • Touch screen for guests to add pictures or sign photos
  • Offer a USB of the photos taken on the night as a keepsake for the hosts

The Magic Mirror, Photo Mirror or The Selfie Mirror … whatever you may call it, it’s the biggest thing to hit Corporate Events and Weddings in recent years. It takes high quality photographs using a DSLR camera and prints them in under 10 seconds. This allows guests to enjoy the product without having to waste time. Pictures can be shared on Facebook and via emails if you wish. Simply stand in front of the mirror and touch the integrated touch screen to take full length photos.

The Magic Selfie Mirror is capable of printing 1 picture of 6×4″ or 3 smaller ones on a 6×4″. Using the on screen paint pad, guests can scribble a custom message or use an emoji to personalise their photos. Great fun can be had while the mirror even talks to you and even offers opinions on your pictures, but all in good humour. This can also be controlled to suit guests, like if it needs to be children friendly.

With an extensive prop collection to choose from, guest can have lots of fun before even getting to the mirror, but it’s a fantastic memory for your guests to keep. The mirror is manned so guests keep moving and you have no worries of any technical difficulties etc. The mirror is normally an item hired for the evening. We are flexible but normally it 7.30pm – 11pm. By then everyone will have all the pictures they need.

A mirror needs to be decorated though. Our Mirror has a frame and guide ropes leading upto the mirror in red or white to suit the decor of the room. Props can be altered to suit your needs if you have a definate theme.