So here we go!

I’m sure this is how most people start their Blogging lives. But in truth i’m scared of doing this and knowing what direction to take.

Soooo…for now let’s just write and see what happens over time. I have had websites for years but in recent times the need to do tasks such as Blogging and the involvement of Social Media is much needed and the days of winging Google Adwords a few hundred quid has gone if you want to remain in the search engines.

In the past i have ran retail websites but this website of presents new challenges. I can’t push a product directly. We are almost selling a service. People want to see that i’m current and that i even exist. Wedding cutomers seem particularly keen on this and want to see fresh pictures, write-ups and customer reviews and not just every so often but pretty much every day.

I pondered for a while, with the usual questions of, am i too old for starting this? or can i even be bothered? I really struggle with the idea that anyone will even read it, or especially read this far down the page. If your still with me, let me know or tell me what you would like to see in this Blog. I think i would like to offer advice if nothing else. Sure i will throw in the odd story along the way and i do have a quirky way of looking at life at times but even in my shops i will always tell customers the full options open to them, even if the end result is no profit. I take the view that if you help someone then they will remember you one day and they use you eventually. 18 years in business to date, and i can already guarentee you this theory works. As the years go by, the more people you helped come back to you.

I will keep this short as i’m not writing about a particular subject and the whittering of a man in his late 30’s about how to Blog or even understand it may not be that interesting. Not that this age is old but in the internet world it feels it. I have staff that just understand it all straight away. They are doing wonders with Facebook and Instagram, so i thought give this a go. I tried Twiitter but the more i read on how to do it the more i get stressed with it!

I look forward to this adventure…