Spooky Beginnings

Last weekend we visited the beautiful Wrenbury Hall and dropped off a letter M! We were thinking this was a strange request but later found out the reason. It was in fact for Mandy’s dad’s birthday, and his nickname was ‘MOLE’. Still odd i know but Wrenbury Hall have the word LOVE so they had 3 of the letters. We hope they had a wonderful time at Wrenbury Hall, and its always nice for us to have a look round too. This venue was voted number 1 wedding venue of 2017.

We then went over to Cottons Hotel & Spa. It was actually my first time setting up here but not for The Added Extra. The room was lovely with amazing views and we managed to get our 6ft Ferris wheel up the stairs to the second floor…Who are we kidding, we cheated and used the lift haha!! We met Ruth from Floral Designs who we have met quite a few times before at The Plough Inn in Eaton. I just love her floral displays and they matched the colours of our designed Ferris wheel very well.

Getting hungry later in the day and looking at all these sweets customers enjoy is a real test.I was trying not to eat any we brought along but as hard as it was i succeeded!!

In the week we have finally decided to look through the box of selfie props ordering a new Mexican hat, large yellow and green glasses and also an American football hat that was used a few days ago and went down a treat. It has been out on hire so much recently we just haven’t had the time to go through it but we do like to refresh the props regularly.

So what is coming up this weekend? …

We are at one of our favourite venues the De Vere Cranage Estate.We will be there from 11.30am till 3.30pm. it will be good meeting our Brides and Grooms to be with this being our final show of the year. Its always nice catching up with some of the suppliers that we have met there before. Coming up this weekend also we have the selfie mirror out a couple of times and one Bride has insisted we bring the cone hat so i’m looking forward to hearing what the story is behind this!! I’m sure it will be Hen Party related. I can’t wait to see what this bunch get up

BUT….back to this week and I’m busy designing a spooky display for Halloween as it’s my favourite time of the year. I’m already decorated at home and have my Haloween jumper at the ready. I can really use my design side for this and spook people out mwahaha.

Hannah x