The Move

Oh wow! What a 6 to 8 weeks we have had with the move.

The moving of all our hired items has been a mixture of sentimentality. There has been moments of “when did we hire that out” and basically back breaking.

We have managed to unearth lots of items from the past that had been pushed to the back of the old warehouse as 4ft LED Letters, Selfie Mirrors and Dance Floors took over. It’s great we have found such items like the vintage Bird Cages and some impressive chrome candelabras, as we now have the staff power to offer them out again.

Moving into a bigger premises the main objective was to have more space for the warehouse to store the items. As well as open a showroom, as so many of our couples ask to see the items we offer. Most importantly all the staff can now work together.

Before we were spread over 3 offices and certain staff members barely saw each other if at all.

Another objective is to grow the brand of The Added Extra. We now have space to expand certain ideas. We will go in to these further in future. There will be blogs about the opening of a Podcast room, a boardroom and a Studio to hire.

The showroom is also a big factor in the move as our customers are always wanting to visit us and see the products that they can hire. It helps couples not only see items that they are thinking of but introduce them to new ideas. If the customer is unsure on what items to choose, this is their opportunity to see them together and choose which one they prefer.

Overall the move has opened a lot of opportunities for us to grow.