The New Photography Studio

As the brand of The Added Extra grows we feel we can offer more than simple event hiring. This is one of three blogs that will look briefly in to our new Photography Studio, Podcast Studio and Boardroom.

The Photography Studio

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Our Events Manager, Elenarda, is fully qualified in photography so it made sense to try and incorporate our interests. I knew when we moved to a bigger premises I wanted to expand The Added Extra in to other areas and this is one of them.

As soon as we walked in we saw the perfect room. There was an option of natural light and was perfectly square at 14×14 foot. We have already installed a state of the art High Glide System. This lifts all studio equipment off the floor and attaches it to the ceiling. Our customers can then move the equipment to any desired place in the room while enjoying the full floor space.

Background Choices

Backgrounds and a green screen was the next thing to approach and we wanted to be a bit different. We have bought a motorised backdrop roller machine. This gives the customer the option to use 8 backdrop colours at any time with the push of a button. 

The room is taking shape..

The floor has been finished in a slight off-white wooden grain flooring with the wall being pure white. We have installed a dressing table within the room, with a mirror of course but it also acts as a desk if customers wish to do editing as they go.

We offer a dressing room, toilet and free car parking. There is also the option of a refreshments menu. This is food locally sourced in Congleton where we are situated.

Advantages of also being an Events company

Naturally being an events company too, anyone using the Photography Studio (also known as a Creative Space) has access to any of our props. They may choose to use some of our smaller items like the bird cages or the candelabras for example, but they may want to use the 4 foot LED Letters, or even the props from the Selfie Mirror Photo Booths that guests hire. 

Who do we want to see?

We hope to encourage companies to enhance their branding whether it be profile shots of their staff or pictures of the products they offer to put on their websites and social media channels.

We want to appeal to Photographers wanting to rent the space so they can earn from it, bringing their own work, or having open days to utilise it for pet, maternity, children shoots etc.

It would be fantastic if we could encourage young talent or hobbyists too. We have a “give it a go” package where they can rent the room with all the equipment and our onsite member of staff will talk them through it and they can enjoy the use of photography equipment they wouldn’t normally get the chance to.

We do offer editing and much more.

Please go over to the TAE Studio website for more details and hope to see some of you in our Studio.