The Plough, the Plough and then again!

What a fab weekend as always. We were at the Plough Inn yet again both on the Friday and the Saturday with our Rustic letters, Sweet cart and Selfie mirror. I assure you all that we do many event venues, but it does feel like the Plough is a regular venue the last few weeks. I can even write it on the keyboard without looking.

The Sweet cart is our newly designed rustic look and was its first time at the Plough inn.

It was filled with delicious treats for all the guests to enjoy!!! It mainly had Haribo selections as we strongly recommend no chocolates as these venues get hot and they simply met. Children also can’t help but handle it and get chocolate everywhere! I have seen the horror of a Brides face with a child’s choccy hand print on her dress. The room looked amazing, dressed in a rustic theme so our letters and sweet cart really fitted in!I do like it when a couple choose a theme and really stick to it all the way through the wedding day. I feel it shows tremendous attention to detail.

The selfie mirror was a blast… it’s so hard to not want to join in with all the fun and dancing. We have attached Videos on our Facebook page just to give you an idea of how fantastic this party was, though it was a bit like being in Ibiza in music choice. After all this work and travelling, the only thing we are dancing to is sleep time…maybe showing our age slightly haha!

We also had the pleasure of dropping off our number 30 this was at was at a venue in the Wirral, as we are happy to travel to various places around the country. It’s free delivery to anywhere within 40 miles of our Head Office in Congleton. They had decorated it in the most wonderful balloons creating a fabulous photo opportunity. We know Amy and Emma had a fab night.

We actually have a super busy week as it’s not all weddings and events. We also own a Jewellers called Birch jewellers based in Congleton High Street. We do share the occasional post that they do. It’s that time of year again and we have our Christmas light switch on, plus yet another wedding at the Plough this weekend, again with our selfie mirror and our metal post box.

We have also introduced the naughty elf that’s come out of his box to be cheeky with The Added Extra! I’m sure you will see what he gets up to each day throughout December.

I can’t wait to keep you all updated next week. We steer away from weddings a little bit and are focusing on Children fairs to promote our sweets. We have great success at wedding shows but in a period where there isn’t many, we thought we would try something a little different. Firstly, we believe in trying new ideas, but it keeps staff busy, gets the name of The Added Extra out a little more and helps cash flow in the selling of our new sweet cones.

Hannah x