Welcome Faye 

Welcome Faye 

During the lock down periods we may have had no weddings, but we were still working hard. We were lucky enough to diversify in other areas. We kept up our work with The Real Housewives of Cheshire and other Celebrity parties but were able to bring some aspects of the event industry into people’s homes.

In doing this we actually needed to employ more people and one of these was Faye. She has been brilliant in your first couple of months and this welcoming blog should have been written a while ago.

She came in to mainly assist our balloonist in helping decorate our 4ft LED letter and numbers, but she soon became a natural and is now our main balloonist. We joined NABAS which is a formal balloon organisation recognised in the United Kingdom. If customers like you are willing to pay us, the least we can do is ensure we are doing it properly.

It’s been a fascinating learning curve for all of us involved. It was certainly a direction I never thought the company would go in but I’m extremely happy we did. It’s proved to be great fun and one we will keep doing. Consequently, a little job for Faye has now grown into a bigger one. She helps us at the showroom to provide content for our social media pages andis starting to design more of the wedding Sweet Carts that we offer.

A great addition to our team.