What does a Sweet Table consist of for weddings?

Why choose a sweet table?

A Sweet Table is a way of putting a smaller display of sweets out for your guests. Some couples prefer a more subtle option to present the sweets at their wedding. So the use of a sweet cart or a Ferris wheel would be too big of a statement. 

Sometimes there simply isn’t the space to make such an extravagant statement and a small table with sweets is enough. This can be more intimate also. Bigger venues such as Merrydale Manor or Peckforton Castle suit the bigger carts and often need them to fill in the huge spaces. However, for the more intimate venues where wall space is limited, Sweet Carts could be a bit over-powering.

A Sweet Table could be used if the sweets are only for the children as a bit of a treat. For a wedding where there is only around 6 children, it is much more cost effective this way. More importantly this prevents any wastage of sweets and consequently the money you have spent on it.

Ideas of how to decorate the sweet table

Naturally the first thing we need to determine is how many of your guests will be eating from the sweets on offer. This kind of dictates the size of the table. A standard size would be  a 3×3 foot square if literally only looking for sweet jars tightly compacted to serve around 65-75 guests. A table of 6 x 2 feet is the standard size if wanting jars of sweets incorporated in a design. This would serve up to 100 guests. A cloth would then be placed over the table. The most common is plain white, but couples do opt for patterned cloths or a sparkly runner going through the centre of the table.

Now we believe attention to detail is everything, so we don’t only source nice jars, but look for varying cuts in the glass and varying sizes as some sweets are bigger than others. Glass jars at a Wedding does look a lot more lush and fitting for such an event but the option of plastic jars is there if you would prefer. 

Popular designs

Designs can also vary wildly with a Sweet Table as there is no restrictions. So far we have spoken about saving space but the other side of the coin is that couples want to make a huge deal of the sweets with longer tables and extravagant detail in designs. A popular idea in recent years has been Harry Potter themed Sweet Tables. We can make a display using props of the film and integrating them with the sweets. For us its a great opportunity to get out the old suitcases, Hedwig the Owl and wands and make a truly breath-taking talking piece for your party.

This maybe a little over the top but the principles are the same. Even if you are not looking for a definite theme you maybe wanting to decorate your table in the colours of the wedding. This is easy to do on a flat surface whether the table is big or small.

So, the necessities…

We require a table, a cloth, maybe a runner and jars. We also ensure we include scoops so guests don’t freely put their hands into the sweet jars. Napkins is also a nice touch, though they’re not necessarily needed but there to show consideration. Sweet bags are vital to make sure guests have a place to keep the sweets they have picked. This is to prevent guests walking around the venue with sweets in their hands and dropping them on the floor. This would not make great photo opportunities and everything will be sticky!

We have the necessities but what decoration can I use?

So let’s pretend we are not going crazy and following big themes like Harry Potter or Marvel Films.  We are at a wedding that is of elegant decoration and we are keeping the table simple. I would recommend decorating each of the jars with ribbon at the tops to form a bow. This is a subtle way to decorate and adds colour if needed. Couples can opt to lay flowers around the jars or have a floral arrangement done in one corner. A sprinkling of petals or confetti can also be used. Its important jars are well placed, clean and are able to gain access to easily. Scoops should be scattered around the table, while the sweet bags should be kept at one end of the table. Sweet bags can be coloured or even personalised to lift the design further.

What sweets do you recommend?

We have a blog dedicated to this in the past and there is advice on our Sweet Cart pages. However after many meetings and chatting to event companies in the past, the overwhelming answer always seems to be sweets from Haribo and Swizzels. They are easily recognisable and even carry a hint of nostalgia. Guests love to see them and be reminded of their own childhoods creating good conversation starters. They are soft and small so reduce the risks of choking and this is important as children aren’t always supervised the full day. 

The sweets can be bulked out further by Marshmallows and Flying Saucers as they prove to be another popular choice. Couples can choose chocolate but we often advise against it as children over indulge especially, and get it all over their hands touching everything leaving their mark, and venues get hot especially as the day goes on. We wouldn’t want your favourite sweets to look a melted mess.

It’s worth pointing out here that we cater for all dietary needs and label the jars accordingly. We never serve sweets that contain nuts.