What does your company do?

In lots of publications, the first question they ask is “What does your company do?”

This is such a difficult question, as like so many companies, we don’t just do the one thing. The natural course of things to to keep improving and keep expanding. There are items we have that i have forgot about and then an eager Bride has looked through every picture and wants something from 2 years ago haha

We are certainly a company that offers the added extra’s to a wedding. Once the venue is booked and the catering is confirmed, our couples are then looking to add decoration and even fun to the proceedings. In a time where weddings are getting bigger and venues are becoming bigger and more varied, big spaces are there to fill. We pride ourselves on organising and decorating the outer edges of the room to create not only a romantic feel but adding the Wow factor to the day. This would include the Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Party.

We want to supply the talking points of the day (apart from the couple of course) and create the setting for photographs that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Our clients are varied and normally are at the point of what to do next. We look at the whole day and talk through with them what is on offer and what best suits the feel of the day, and the venue itself. It’s easy to get carried away and have everything so it’s important to have that steady balance.

Our 4ft LED Letters remain popular. We are getting asked more and more for surnames, but luckily we have 96 letters to choose from. Added to this we have our rustic metal LED Letters and our Floral Letter collection. The Sweet Carts are still popular but our Ferris Wheel keeps getting a run out and couples are opting for just a simple sweet table which we provide the decoration for. Every weekend has at least one Selfie Mirror going out. Guests continue to love them. I think the fact they can be having fun in front of the mirror and in less than 10 seconds they have a picture to prove it is amazing.

We do the up-lighters to help set a mood of a venue, the collection of post boxes we have caters for all types of weddings….the list just goes on!