What is a Showroom?

A showroom is a room dedicated to display items and goods to any interested customers. The TAE showroom is where you can come visit us through an appointment and view our items in person. You will be greeted by one of our amazing Sales team members, Zoe, offering tea or coffee. If you’re lucky maybe even some biscuits 😉

Have you ever been stuck on what items you should hire out for your event?🤷‍♀️ Whether it’s to choose either Rustic LED letters or White LED letters, Selfie Mirror or Pylon photo booth… This is where the TAE Showroom comes in handy! Come and see all choices side-by-side to make your final big decision! If you have any preferences on what you would like to see, feel free to tell us. If you are after a rustic theme, birthday theme or floral, we can set the show room up to match your preference. You will also get to see all of our other items in the main warehouse so you have an idea of what all items are like.

Before you leave, you will be handed a little goodie bag! Who doesn’t love a good goodie bag? 😋

To book your Showroom visit click HERE