Why Join NABAS?

The Added Extra has decided to join an Association called NABAS. Members demonstrate that they are committed to maintaining high standards and adhering to the Association’s Code of Conduct. This means whatever nature of the event, you can be assured that safety and environmental considerations are given the highest priority. It represents a professionally run company.

Members also cover all aspects of the balloon and party industry. So whether you are looking for a face painter, celebration cake, prop hire, balloon or venue decorator, retailer, manufacturer or wholesaler, this can be done through NABAS. They will be able to put you in touch.

Who is NABAS?

NABAS (National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers) was established in 1987 as a chapter of NABA, the balloon association of America. The S was added in the UK as there were a number of suppliers involved). It is the ONLY member-owned Trade Association for the Party and Events industry. Their members include decorators, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

So what next?

The time had come that we felt balloons in our event business needed more attention. The competition has got more and more over recent years. Though we are proud of the value we offer to our customers, we feel there are many more opportunities for the use of balloons.

We initially used balloons to use as a way of decorating our LED Letters and LED Numbers as well as an option to decorate the Neons when hired as a backdrop. Now people are enjoying the beauty of what can be achieved with balloons such as “Balloon Stacks”and smaller decorations.

We will still offer our balloon arches but we want to introduce more texture. This can be done by adding more balloons to create bigger displays and more use of varying balloon sizes. We currently offer the 5-foot arch but want to aim for up to 12-foot whilst keeping options affordable.

Our Staff members will be busy learning new techniques, attending courses and researching the market. Brooke will initially be taking control of this and as time goes on Alex will be introduced. It is exciting times for us. We love the big events but sometimes a little change is good for everyone.

What does a stack consist of?

Balloon stacks are a small transportable cluster of balloons presenting various different themes. Starting with a birthday themed balloon, to even themes such as Easter, Anniversaries or Mothers’ Day. These would be presented on a helium air filled balloon. The variations to enhance this idea then move into present boxes being attached, and even gifts embedded in the top balloon which is see through.

We hope to start making Balloon Stacks where customers have the choice to collect them or we may even start to offer a delivery service.