Party Decoration Supplies, Props & Ideas

Personalised Features For Your Party

It doesn’t need to be a wedding or a big corporate event for you to have a party. We cover Baby Showers, Christenings, and of course Birthdays, especially those milestone ones. All are exciting to do and the smaller parties naturally being more intimate get the same level of care and professionalism as any big event would. We love the idea of bringing the big event props to the smaller venues and even your home.

Lockdown saw more house parties to note a special occasion in someones life, and so we have worked hard in designing catered packages for this. Backdrops have made a huge difference as it’s easy to transport but to decorate as well. You would be assigned one of our in-house designers to talk through all the details of what you would want at no extra cost. Balloons have also proved fashionable in 2019 and will for the foreseeable future. These two ideas alone create fantastic photo opportunities and talking points, then if you add in the possibility of sweet carts and LED light up letters, who needs a big venue?

Located in the heart of Cheshire gives us great freedom to cover Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. Please look at our gallery of party pictures to get some inspiration and by all means feel free to contact us.

How We Can Help

With years of experience we can proudly boast that we are fantastic at creating the decoration of 1000’s of weddings and events in all types of venues. Bringing this to life for smaller parties has now become not only possible but far more affordable. Parties are great but they need talking points for you and your guests so they remember the party for a long time to come. This is where we come in, it’s the added extras that assist in this idea.

We have enthusiastic creative staff who want to give you your perfect party and crucially we have the items and experience to do it.

Ideas For The Perfect Party

Where to begin and where do you stop? A party is about creating the right mood for the occasion and guests in that room. There are many factors to think about like the age groups  you have invited, their personalities and even their professions. There is no point over filling a party with items the guests won’t appreciate either.

Luckily we have many options from LED light up letters, sweet carts to the more finer bespoke items such as the backdrops, neon signs and balloons. It’s about you at the end of the day and whether you want to go as subtle or as wild as you wish. You can even have the Selfie Mirror in your home if you wish.