Introducing Phone-O-gram: The Audio Guestbook Revolutionising Wedding Memories!

Discover the newest innovation in wedding entertainment and memory-making with Phone-O-gram, an audio guestbook designed to captivate and engage your guests in a fun, memorable way. Unlike traditional guestbooks, Phone-O-gram offers a dynamic twist by allowing your loved ones to record heartfelt voice messages, sharing their congratulations, stories, and wisdom for your future together.

Perfect for couples seeking something beyond the ordinary, Phone-O-gram adds a personal touch to your special day, making it all the more unforgettable. It’s incredibly user-friendly; guests simply speak into the phone to leave their messages, creating a treasure trove of audio memories you can cherish forever.

Whether you choose the standalone phone option for a sleek look or opt for the full-size phone box for a statement piece that doubles as decor, Phone-O-gram ensures your wedding stands out. Offer your guests an engaging experience while collecting priceless moments in the most unique way possible. Let Phone-O-gram turn every voice into a lasting memory at your wedding.


Phone Box Features:

  • The Wedding couple will record a welcoming message that guests listen to and then after the “beep” they will leave their message to you.
  • A great alternative to the hand written message books
  • Option to have the phone placed on a table OR in one of our Phone Boxes
  • We offer a red and a white Phonebox which is very authentic looking
  • Phonebox can be decorated to suit the theme of your wedding
  • Messages are recorded and saved on a USB so you have the memories for life, creating the perfect audio guestbook
  • Great to refer back to listening to family members that you may have lost or those that have grown up into adults
  • An events manager comes throughout the day to ensure all is working properly and no messages are lost
  • Strong and Free Standing

FULL DAY HIRE of just phone:    £129

FULL DAY HIRE with Phonebox: £269


Our Delivery team will subtly deliver this either at the start of the day or during the room turnover, basically whatever works best for you and the wedding venue.

During the night our Events Manager will come and check all is ok.

Why Use The Added Extra For Your Audio Phone-o-gram?

Questions about the audio guestbook and telephone box

How will customers know what to do?

If you hire just the telephone, it will normally be placed on a table. There will be a small easel placed next to it with a simple pre printed instruction card of what to do.

If you want your telephone audio guestbook in the telephone box, we simply have a bigger easel sat next to it with a bigger pre printed instruction card.

At various points of the day there will also be a member of The Added Extra around to assist wedding guests while checking all is working as it should.

What decoration can the telephone box have?

There is so much that can be done with a phone box, its almost a blank canvas to illustrate your designs. The most interchangeable part is the back of the phone box. This is predominately a floral wall so that the coloured flower heads can be changed to suit your wedding theme. The back of the phone box can also feature a sequin wall to offer extra shimmer.

There is LED lighting on each of the corners and roof of the phonebook which can be turned on and off or to a colour of your choice. There is also an optional neon sign that can be displayed in the phone box to enhance the design and look of the item.

The flooring can be adapted in colour and the actual phonebook can be white or the traditional colour of red.

Can we choose the message we want our wedding guests to hear?

A member of The Added Extra will speak to you a week before the wedding and ask what message wording you would like your wedding guests to hear. This can be as long or as short as you wish. We can offer advise if you’re stuck for what to say. We can record the message for you if you don’t like the sound of your own voice.

Is it checked throughout the day?

The Events Manager from The Added Extra will come half way through the day to ensure there is no problems with the telephone and that all the messages from the wedding guests are being recorded properly.

Once messages are left on the telephone, then what happens to them?

Hopefully the wedding guests have left lots of lovely messages whether they are full of wisdom, loving thoughts and wishes, or plain drunken rubbish. You will never fill the memory even if you talk on this phone for 24 hours, so all is recorded and guests can record more than one audio message for the guestbook.

At the end a member of The Added Extra will take the phone away and over the next week they will download the messages onto a USB stick so you can enjoy them via your device of choice. We advise you make another copy as well as soon as you receive it. We will keep a copy for a few weeks to make sure you have it and it’s not lost in the post.

Is the telephone audio guestbook easy to use for all generations?

Yes there should be no problems as ultimately its a telephone. Anyone over 30 knows exactly how the telephone would work as they had one growing up but I’m sure anyone younger will know what to do. We do have the instruction cards for your wedding guests next to the telephone audio guestbook or telephone box depending which you have chosen as well.

One of The Added Extra team will be around at certain times of the day to assist wedding guests and ensure everyone is using it and venues are starting to learn how they work also and I’m sure they will assist wedding guests too.

Is the phone box strong?

The phone box is very strong and has even handled itself at festivals. We have basically tested it so that it can withstand drunken adults leaning against it. The Phone box is built by our experienced joiner so it’s not just held to gather with glue and nails, there are proper joins.

Where is the best place to put the telephone audio guestbook

This will vary depending on the wedding venue, but I think it will be best near the welcoming area. It is away from the noise of the music from the dance floor and guests have more time to gather their thoughts on what top say. A lot of wedding guests will use it before entering the final section of the day, the wedding evening party.

Should we have the telephone box?

No two parties should be the same and we look to create something new. At the time of writing this I know of no other company offering the Phonebox in this way. Customers see this enthusiasm and equally thrive off it. We enjoy a challenge! No event or occasion is too big or too small, you will always receive our full attention and care.

Our friendly and professional team are here to provide you with total peace of mind. When hiring products, we at The Added Extra are responsible for all removals. Your items will arrive on time, we will set them up for you, check all is working and at the end of the event we will collect. You don’t have to do a thing!

(A £50 deposit is required to save the date and the balance is due 28 days before your event)

The Added Extra Upgrades

  • Creating a “wow” factor for your event
  • Impress your guests while creating treasured memories
  • Keep your guests entertained, young and old
  • Personalise to match your colour scheme or branding
  • Great photo opportunity and talking point
  • A fabulous audio guestbook
  • The phone can be offered by itself or in a phone box of full size in the colour of white or the traditional colour of red
  • The phone box features modern LEDS with optional colour changing


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