Sweet Carts & Candy Cart Hire

You’re never too old to have a sweet tooth, this is why our Sweet Carts are perfect for any wedding or event.

Guests simply love a sugary treat. This can be done in the more traditional style of a Sweet Cart, or more commonly known as the Candy Cart these days. However other options to display your sweets have emerged over the past few years. We have the simple idea of a sweet table which can be laid out simply but designed well, or you can choose a sweet ladder which is a modern take on the vintage look and works well if you have little space.

We also have a show stopping way of displaying sweets with the use of our 7ft Ferris Wheel. It creates fantastic photo opportunities while at the same time making a great talking piece amongst your guests.

The fact is, we have lots of ways of displaying sweets with huge choices of sweets and decoration. You would be assigned an “in-house” designer to work with you on this journey to achieve the display you could only ever wish for. You would also be invited to our showroom if you wanted to come to view all the varying options.