Wedding Post Box Hire

Our post boxes for wedding cards offer a very functional finishing touch for weddings

We offer wedding and birthday post boxes to hire. These offer a simple way to have a focal point to collect cards and gifts from your guests. We have a few varying designs of wedding post boxes to assist your guests when finding a place to put their cards and presents to you. All our post boxes are lockable to ensure cards and gifts are kept safe.

Decoration to the post box can be supplied as part of the price as well as being personalised, so it is in-keeping with the theme of your wedding event or birthday party.

Post Box Hire for Weddings, Birthday Parties and Events


Customers kept asking us for a solution to keeping their gifts safe so the Wedding Post Box to hire was the perfect way to solve this.

We started off with our Victorian White Post Box made of metal. This can be made bespoke to your wedding by simply using an organza ribbon at the top matching your wedding or event colours while personalising it with a name plate where the collection times of the post would normally be.

The Post Box Height is 110cm with a width of 35cm. It has 2 lockable entries to the Post Box that keep the presents and cards from your guests safe for the day until your ready to empty it.

We have a chunkier Post Box which is smaller with a height of 70cm but wider with a width of 70cm. Made from wood and beautifully designed by us, it offers something a little different. It has a lockable door at the back to keep presents and cards safe.

This Post Box in particular works very well with our floral letters.

Our latest edition of post box is the red Royal Mail post box that were installed mainly in walls from 1952 to 1980. They are heavy as the front is cast iron but adds really authenticity.

Description: Our variety of Post Boxes allow customers to have a safe place to put their cards and gifts upon their arrival. It’s important the host supplies an area for this so guests aren’t left standing awkwardly with your gifts.

All post boxes can be personalised with your names and date of the event. They really are an ideal addition to your wedding or birthday party.

Options: Post Boxes of varying designs in white, cream or red in colour.

Price: £35 but discounted when ordered with other items. Also included in some of our packages.

Why Use The Added Extra?

Flexible Personal Service

When do I get the post box?

One of our drivers at The Added Extra will deliver the post box in the morning and check all is working correctly. It will be placed where asked if you know where you want it. A lot of venues have a designated area for it.

Who has the key?

The wedding coordinator or events manager would be given the key at the beginning of the day, and they are responsible. This is standard practice at pretty much all venues. In the very unlikely case of them losing the key, there is no need to panic as we have spares.

When does the post box get emptied?

This would usually happen towards the end of the night. We advise you as the host or a trusted family member or friend oversee this happen. The Post Box is not to leave the venue. The Added Extra staff will never empty the post box or take it away before it is emptied.

Is there an alternative offered to the post box?

We also hire out a range of retro suitcases and wishing wells for weddings which acts as a substitute for a post box if you don’t wish to have one.

(A £10 deposit is required to save the date and the balance is due 28 days before your event)

The Added Extra

  • Functional feature for your event
  • Impress your guests.
  • Provides photography opportunities
  • Personalise the post box and decorate to the colours matching your colour scheme or branding
  • A choice of varying sized post boxes
  • Your cards and gifts are kept safe all day providing peace of mind for both you as the host, and your guests.

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