Classic White LED Light Up Letters For Hire

Illuminate the Romance: LED Love Letters

Create an unforgettable atmosphere of unparalleled romance for any wedding, making it a memory to cherish forever, regardless of the size of your guest list, with our enchanting lighting solutions. Our meticulously crafted hire service is designed to embellish every occasion, with a special emphasis on weddings and corporate events. Yet, our expertise doesn’t end there; we also illuminate christenings, birthdays, and various family gatherings, guaranteeing to spark conversations among your guests.

Dive into our extensive collection of over 300 pristine white LED letters and numbers, ready to transform your venue into a memorable spectacle. From the heartfelt declaration of “Love” or the elegant “Mr & Mrs” at your wedding to the vibrant “Let’s Dance” or festive “Party” for birthdays and corporate celebrations, we’ve got every sentiment covered. Plus, our illuminated LED numbers add that extra sparkle, ensuring your event is not just remembered, but revered.

Illuminate your milestones with us – where every letter shines a story.

Types Of Large Light Up Letters For Hire We Can Provide


These letters are the more traditional and ever popular choice at weddings. This is where it all started for us…

Our illuminated LED letters are free standing at 4ft high by 2.25ft wide and are of the highest quality. The LED lights on each of the letters are covered by a clear cabochon cap that distributes the light. However the caps can be changed so you can have any colour light you wish, whether it be ice white, warm white or even pink. The letters are very strong and painted in white. Every LED letter we have is maintained after use.

Description: 4ft high by 2.25ft LED light up ‘LOVE’ letters

Options: The illuminated cabochon caps over the LED bulbs can be changed to your preferred colour.

Price: £140


These really are a fantastic show of love at your wedding, and a real conversation starter for your guests.

The illuminated LED letters are free standing at 4ft high by just over 2ft wide, but for design purposes we found the ampersand (&) looks better slightly smaller, especially in your photographs. The letters are strong and painted in white.

We also offer the Mr & Mrs in the 18 inch height as well to use above a Surname if you wish to spell that out in lights or as a Table Topper.

Description: 4ft high by 2.25ft LED light up ‘Mr & Mrs’, ‘Mr & Mr” or “Mrs & Mrs’ letters.

Options: The illuminated cabochon caps over the LED bulbs can be changed to your preferred colour.

Price: £175


Letters can also be individually hired. We have found that at engagement parties people may hire out their initials such as J & P in the illuminated LED letters. People also hire their initials at weddings and, more recently, they are hiring out their full surname.

At work functions and corporate events, firms often hire out their company name. When hiring out letters this way we simply charge per letter. The letters are strong and painted in white, free standing at 4ft high by just over 2ft wide, and the cabochon caps can be changed to any colour you wish. This is especially useful when matching your corporate colours.

AS SEEN ON ITVBE Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Description: 4ft high by 2.25ft LED light up letters.

Options: We have the full alphabet available, many of the letters more than once. The illuminated cabochon caps over the LED bulbs can be changed to your preferred colour.

Price: £35


Our White Heart is yet another addition to our collection that has proved very popular. We offer it at a very cheap rate if you’re hiring out our letters too. The heart is slightly bigger than 4ft. It’s done this way as it makes it stand out a little bit more and works extremely well if your hiring initials and want a heart instead of an ampersand (&).

Like our White LED Love and Mr & Mrs letters it is free standing. We use LED lighting with the cabochon caps over them and the colour of theses caps can be changed to bespoke your wedding.

People have been known to stand the decorative heart next to other letters, on the head table or even near the welcoming area where you would often find the Postbox or the Guestbooks.

Description: 4.25ft high by 2.25ft LED heart.

Price: £110 by itself
£50 if hired in addition to LED Letters


These paired with our 4ft LED Letters really give your venue that ‘added extra’. Creating an eye catching conversation starter for all of your guests.

Our toppers are available in “LETS” made to go on top of our 4ft LED “DANCE”, “THE” as well as the more traditional “MR&MRS”, MR&MR”, and ‘MRS&MRS’ paired perfectly with your new surname on your special day!

They are 1.5ft tall and sit perfectly on top of our 4ft LED Letters.

Description: 1.5ft high Classic LED Toppers in ‘MR&MRS’ or ‘LETS’.

Price: £50

Questions often asked regarding the LED Letters?

Questions and Answers

All our LED Letters are PAT Tested to ensure the correct electricity flow and that all wiring is well maintained internally and externally. All LED Letters like all our items have Public Liability Insurance.

We ensure that all LED Letters are maintained after each use. We check the wiring, Bulb fixtures and that they are all working. Every LED Letter is wiped clean and painted if necessary. All LED Letters would go to their next wedding or event in perfect condition.

We will discuss all power points with your venue so you have no need to worry about any of this in you party planning. Any extension cable needed is provided by us at no extra cost.

When paying to hire the LED Letters, you would receive them for your full day. This can be extended if you wish.

This is naturally dependant on your venue but we aim to have all items delivered by 10.30 in the morning as a general rule and then collected after your event in the early hours. Our drivers work all through the night to ensure this happens.

Most venues are flexible with this, so it is best to ask them. We also have no worries about wedding guests, like the Groomsmen or members of your event moving them. This is to be pre agreed with us. If however these two options aren’t available to you then please contact us beforehand.

Yes this is possible as some events run a few days, retail shops or hotels use them as displays and theatres use them as props for their productions. This just needs to be discussed at the time of booking and is discounted from the initial day price.

This is no problem as people like to theme the colours to their theme. We offer this at a £10 per character.

We have over 300 letters and various punctuation so it’s rare we can’t do anything. We don’t like to be caught out and even build new letters if it’s the odd one that is needed. All our LED Letters and Numbers are built in house by us.

(A £50 deposit is required to save the date and the balance is due 28 days before your event)

The Added Extra

  • Wow factor for your wedding event
  • Impress your guests
  • Boost your marketing
  • Provides amazing photography opportunities
  • Personalise the LED colours to match your colour scheme or branding
  • We offer specialist characters such as the exclamation mark, the hashtag and the question mark
  • Large stock of letters and numbers to match your needs
  • Each LED letter or number has an individual plug
  • Any extension cable needed is provided by us at no extra cost.
  • Child friendly LED bulbs that never get hot
  • We are fully insured and our products are PAT tested.