PAT Testing Service

To the more serious side of the Events and Hospitality industry, the safety of the customers is paramount.

PAT Testing products is a vital part of this as it checks the quality of items both physically and the current of electricity internally.

So not only do we do our own here at The Added Extra, we also provide PAT Testing for fellow suppliers and for the venues themselves.

A member of our qualified team will come out to you and test all your electrical items, and then a printed report is issued for you to prove to customers and venues that your products have been tested and more importantly that they have passed.

This covers items of all kinds from the products you may be hiring out to events, to your office appliances, display cabinets and even the appliances in your work kitchen.


Key Features: 

  • A qualified member of our team comes out to you
  • Each item is individually inspected and tested
  • A written report of all findings is given, with any recommendations
  • We offer this service to fellow wedding suppliers, event venues and schools
  • Items that pass will have valid certification for one full year.
  • Can book in a yearly visit
  • No call out charges

First 35 items: £50

Each item thereafter: £0.70p

Why Use The Added Extra For PAT Testing Services?

Flexible Personal Service

In the industry of events and hospitality there is huge demands on companies to ensure that they are compliant with all the requests of the venues, and more importantly the law. We go on about the perfect wedding or events, but without this as a safety precaution your event simply wouldn’t happen.

We are passionate about what we do, and want to help other companies within our industry by providing a sensible pricing rate, that doesn’t eat into your expenses but keeps you compliant. We want to get rid of the large bills and red tape that can over face us all.

Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment.

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